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Stupid Boy...
Title: Stupid Boy...
Pairing: YabuHika
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Words: 258
AN: Yo! It's really been too long... -__-  I'm sorry (just in case anyone reads this: you're free to throw virtual rocks to me).
AN2:I feel my writing has gotten worse again TT___TT

It had been years since then, but now he had him right before his own eyes and all the words seemed to have fled from his mind. The other recognized him as well and he too stood still, observing him but not daring to move.
Hikaru frowned, after all that time… he couldn’t believe the other didn’t have anything to say. Wasn’t he going to apologize like he did so many times before? Wasn’t he going to run away like he had done that day? Wasn’t he going to react in any way?
That was it. He’d had enough. His frown intensified and he started walking towards the other, his fists clenched. He should have done this so much time before.
Kouta stepped back. He didn’t know what the other was going to do, but he knew he was angry. He didn’t blame him; he had every right to, but even so… He had still hoped he would be forgiven if they ever met again.
‘How could you expect that, you stupid boy?’ he scolded himself. ‘After you walking away on him on that way…’
The taller gulped and made another step back.
“H-Hikaru…” he muttered. Seeing that the other had no intention of stopping, he closed his eyes tightly, waiting for a punch.
But what he felt was instead a couple of hands clenching his shirt and dragging him down, and a pair of lips crushing with his own.
Sensing the other’s surprise, the younger smiled in their kiss. He definitely should have done that years ago.


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