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My Better Half
Title: My Better Half
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: G
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Words: 300
AN: It's been a lot since I wrote a Ryoda for the last time so... don't be too severe on me ^^
AN2: This one goes to my LJ friend:whitehime I hope you like it, dear ^^

Tatsuya had always been weak at bad moments. He had always been too affected when someone teased him friendly or, in his worst days, just when anyone talked to him. For him, bearing with everybody was just too much to handle sometimes, and just hearing the words that he was supposed to be listening to made him cry. Just knowing the others were worried about him made his tears roll down his face and it happened so often that nobody realised how much he hated that part of himself.
That was the main reason for which he decided to change. Not Nishikido’s words, not the odd looks he received in the street. Just his self hatred and a strange urge that burned him from inside, making him yearn for something, although he didn’t quite know what exactly that was. Or that’s the reason he deceived himself to believe, at least.
Now, after four years, he’s still the type who cries easily, who never knows how to express his feelings correctly. The difference is that he found someone who understands him.
Tatsuya has always been the type who cries for nothing, but he’s never wished for anyone to hug him and tell him it’s ok, he doesn’t need that at all. The only thing he needs is someone by his side, just standing there. Knowing there’s someone who supports him but, at the same time, doesn’t try to comfort him, makes him able to stand with his own feet. And that’s what he’s always been wishing for.
When Tatsuya cries, the only thing he need is a thigh by his own. Someone who can give him the energy he needs to calm himself and just keep going.
And, in the end, the only person who’s capable of doing that is Ryo.

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