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Title: Okaeri
Pairing: MaruHina
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Words: 199
AN: It's been so long since I posted a fic for the last time that I don't even remember how I arranged the post!! Ó.Ò

He opened the door of his apartment, shaking off the chill from the outside. He took his coat and scarf off and set his shoes aside as he closed the door.
When he had gone out in order to get what he needed to make the dinner, he thought that, by the time he would come back, his boyfriend would have already arrived, so seeing that all the rooms of the house were pitch black surprised him.
Tadaima” he said, just in case. Maybe the younger just wanted to surprise him; he had that kind of things sometimes. As expected, he didn’t receive any response.
‘Has the staff made him stay longer?’ he wondered, as he carried what he had just bought to the kitchen.
But, when he crossed corridor, he caught a glimpse of the sofa. He was sure he saw something moving over it.
He left the paper bag on the floor and approached the silhouette in his living room, smiling softly. He stopped in front of the sofa and leaned down until his lips touched the other’s.
Tadaima” he said.
The younger stirred and slowly opened his eyes, a wide smile expanding on his lips.

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awwwwwww~ XD
made me all warm inside <3

aww~ thank you ^^
I was secretly hoping you'd read it, so your comment makes me the happiest girl in the world (or something like that xD)

*lol* really? XDD yay :D
i read everything i find with this pairing <3 and you don't find much fluff, sadly ;D

yup, I'm very very happy for that ^^
Fluff is (almost) the only thing I can write, so if more ideas come for them it will sure be n.nUU

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