Hi ^^
I'm just stopping by to post a drawing I did the other day.
I know it's not very good but :S I wanted to post it anyway u.uU
It was supposed to be girl!Hikaru, but... I'm not sure if it really is xP
If someone sees it... I hope you like it ^^

5 memorable moments YabuHika had under the rain
Title: Rain
Author: kaitovsheiji
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Pairing: YabuHika (for the thon~)
Words: 1666
Summary: 5 memorable moments YabuHika had under the rain
AN: I promised this prompt a loong time ago and now here it is ^^

What’s with that long face on your birthday, Hikaru-chan?Collapse )

Marry me...?
Title: Marry me...?
Author: kaitovsheiji (Mari-chan)
Pairing: YabuHika
Rating: G
Genre: AU, Romance & FLUFF
Words: 1213 (w/o the song lyrics)
Summary: Hikaru was told to go to a TV program. Not knowing how or why, he'll find himself into one of the greatest and most romantic surprises ever seen on screen. We just hope for him to say yes.
AN: Written for Kou-chan's b-day~ The song is Westlife's I do (oh, I love that song very much!!)
AN2: Aru, maybe you've already read it on my blog? If not, just enjoy it ^^

"I'm sure I look like an idiot in front of the whole Japan"Collapse )

Yabu's bakaness and other nonsense
Title: Yabu's bakaness and other nonsense
Author: kaitovsheiji (Mari-chan)
Pairing: YabuHika (again~)
Rating: I think it's totally safe this time
Genre: Romance & FLUFF
Words: 794
Summary: Yabu's so baka when he is tired, and Hikaru finds his bakaness too silly and... sweet?
AN: Written for Hika's b-day~  I apologize for not having posted anything for Chii's b-day... I just didn't have the time, sorry u.u
AN2: If someone wants to read a Spanish version of this, just go here: http://mari-chan-fics.blogspot.com/2010/12/sus-estupideces.html

Here we go~Collapse )

Title: Warmth
Pairing: YabuHika
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Words: 131
AN: No summary for this one, it's too short to have one n.~

Go read a very short drabble here...Collapse )


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