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Because Ueda knows him better
Title: Because Ueda knows him better
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: G
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Words: 634
AN: This one's kind of the prequel other part of 'My Better Half'.

Ryo’s not the type for crying, he’s never been. Or that’s what everyone thinks.
The real Ryo is far from being that cold-hearted man everyone thinks he is. It’s true that he has a poisonous tongue; sometimes he goes too far when reprimanding someone and he gets angry way too fast but... not even one of those things describes him clearly.
He doesn’t care what everyone thinks, not as long as it doesn’t affect him. But there’s no one on whom he can rely when he’s down and the only thing he wants is a shoulder to cry on. They all assume he doesn’t need it. They all do; everyone but him.
Ryo never expected that the only one who’d understand him would be his worst ‘enemy’, the man whom he had swore to hate. He never noticed how much they resembled each other. Not until that day.
He had had a bad week. It was Friday and, just that day, he had already been reprimanded at least four times by their manager. He, the Sexy Osaka Man, the one that never slipped up if it wasn’t on purpose, the one who was always set as an example to follow… it just wasn’t his day.
He was sitting all alone on the couch of NEWS’ green room and the only thing he really wanted to do was cry. He knew he couldn’t do that in front of his bandmates but he didn’t know anywhere else to run away to apart from there.
Soon, the others began arriving and all the hope he held about taking out his frustration flew away with each one of their entrances.
He knew the others felt his bad mood because he had been asked countless times if he was okay, but everything he could do was glare at whoever who was the one that had questioned him. That was his personal way of sending a SOS, but no one had ever understood it until that princess-looking man came into the scene.
No one dared to approach Ryo when he was like that. The other NEWS’ members were gathered near the opposite wall of the green room, discussing what to do with him, when someone entered the room. The head of each one of the presents turned to the figure that had just appeared and most of them gasped when they saw who he was. What was Ueda Tatsuya doing in their dressing room? Wasn’t he supposed to be with the rest of KAT-TUN wherever they were supposed to be?
Ueda knew he was being stared at, but he couldn’t care less at that moment. He had seen Nishikido’s eyes and had recognised that look, for he had some time had the same expression on his own eyes and had needed help to get out of that well. Nishikido was the one who had helped him, even if it wasn’t intentionally. His teasing forced him to react and adapt to the world he was supposed to be living in. He helped him become the man he was and he thought that returning a favour wouldn’t hurt.
With that on mind, Tatsuya walked until he was in front the man who made him cry countless times years ago and sat by his side. He drew near to him and, once he was close enough, he embraced him so that his head was on the curve of his neck. Ryo didn’t react, he was so out of himself he didn’t even have the soul to push the other away, not until the older whispered four words on his ear, four words that made him understand what he had been lacking ‘till that moment and let him loosen up his emotions and free himself from the oppression they supposed.
‘It’s okay to cry’

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awwwww, poor ryo chan

Thanks for your comment ^^

oh my I love it! so heart warming^_^

thanks for sharing^^

Thank U for reading!! ^^
I'm glad you like it ^^

awwwwww (again) haha
thanks for sharing <3

i'm very much surprised that i haven't read this!!!!

good thing i did!!!!
thanks so much!!!

^^ I'm glad you liked it, and thank you for reading n.n

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